Danz Insanity

Danz Insanity

A complete full-body workout with no equipment needed – just a ready to dance kick ass attitude!

You look hot dancing it. You feel confident doing it and everyone can follow it! It’s a cardio intense workout disguised in quality dance studio movement while still being easy to follow. Danz Insanity is a hot, fiery cardio dance format that takes you on a journey for an hour and allows you to become your inner dancing star!

Danz Insanity™ is easy to follow and looks incredible on everyone who does it. This cardio intensive workout is comprised of 3 main types of cardio dance styles.

Latin Rhythms, Hip Hop and Dance Athletics built in a proprietary system allows you to get a cardio workout like no other while feeling like you grew up dancing in a studio. Danz Insanity™ will get your heart rate up to burn calories, burn fat and build long, lean, sculpted muscles.

Clubs Offering Danz Insanity