With roots in barre, this upbeat workout will sculpt your booty!

Bootysculpt is a 55 minute workout that primarily focuses on the glute and abdominal regions of the body. Although the glutes and abdominals are the main focus of this particular program, all muscle groups are targeted during this class. 

Bootysculpt is unique in that we combine elements of body weight strength, barre, pilates and light cardio to complete this workout. The equipment we use consists of, but is not limited to, 2-5lb weights, a pilates ring, a band and a yoga mat.  During each block of work, we focus on a different part of the body while keeping Glutes as the primary engaged muscle region.  The ultimate goal of each block of work is to completely fatigue the muscles to create observable physical results. 

Bootysculpt is broken down into 14 blocks of work which includes a warm up and a cool down stretch.  Each block is roughly 3-5 minutes in length.  The first 20 minutes (blocks 1-4) of Bootysculpt is standing work focusing on (but is not limited to)  quadriceps, hamstrings and the gluteal region. The second 20 minutes (blocks 5-9) begins core and single glute isolation work.   The moves we use here (blocks 5-9) are different variations of planks, table tops and hip bridges.  The last 15 minutes (blocks 10-14) focuses on the abdominal, abductor and adductor muscular regions.

Clubs Offering Bootysculpt