Combat Ladder

Combat Ladder

Climb your way through this martial arts based cardio interval class for a massive calorie burn! What goes up must come down!

Combat Ladder is a cardiovascular High Intensity full body workout featuring martial arts movements focused on burning fat quickly. Marked by quick 45 second concentrated bursts of exercise with 15 second active recovery, you will punch and kick your way up and down the eight exercise Ladder. This type of training aims to get you exercising at 100% maximal intensity, with incredible anabolic and cardiovascular effects on the body quickly. Leaving participants with an afterburn excess post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC).

There are two Ladders of work to complete. Each Ladder consists of 8 minutes, and 8 exercises. Using a Time Intervals App which helps to make your workouts more productive and organized, you will learn simple punch and kick combinations to fight your way to the top of the ladder. Each exercise is 45 seconds with a 15 second active recovery. At the top, there is a 60 second active recovery break. But you can’t stop to enjoy the view for too long. You’ve got to climb back down!

Going down the ladder is the fun part. Participants rinse and repeat the same 8 exercises in backward order. Starting with Exercise 8, back down the ladder to Exercise 1. Once you reach the bottom of the Ladder there is another 60 second active recovery before starting Ladder 2.

Clubs Offering Combat Ladder