Mind ~ Body

Mind~Body Classes

Step into the studio for some self-care with O2 Fitness Mind~Body classes. Mind~Body exercise challenges you to connect your mental well-being with your physical movements. Explore this important connection as our talented instructors guide you with focused movement and breath.

Our variety of Mind~Body classes have something for everyone whether you’re seeking a calmer mind, better posture, or stronger core. Flow in Yoga or tone your muscles in Pilates. If you’re looking to practice mindfulness while building strength, try out a Mind~Body classes at O2 Fitness today.

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This class has roots in ballet, but needs no ballet training for success!


Contemporary, cutting-edge Pilates Sculpt for a total body burn!

Gentle Yoga

Connecting breath with movement, Gently Yoga offers a slower paced class focused on lengthening and stretching.


Pilates is a low impact class that works to balance all muscle groups with a specific emphasis on the core.

Pilates Yoga

A fusion of core-engaging motions and muscle-lengthening postures.

Power Yoga

Syncing breath with muscular endurance movement

Vinyasa Flow Yoga

Vinyasa Flow Yoga strings poses together to move in cadence with your breath. Meditation leaves you feeling centered and calm.